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Are You Protected Against Water Hammering Risks?

Water Hammer


“Our Customers deserve a peace of mind when using our Swisspro Water Filtration Systems.”

Water hammering is a phenomenon that may occur in the pipes of your office / home due to sudden changes in water flow direction creating pressure waves within the pipe. This is triggered by rapid opening and closing of water tap causing sudden flow changes within the pipes.

You can recognize this phenomenon from the banging or thumping sounds you hear from the piping within the walls, or marble-like sounds from the ceiling.

Without the proper safeguards, Water Hammering may lead to problems such as burst pipes, damaged appliances, resulting in potential  water damages  which can range between minor leaks  to severe flooding.  

Home appliances with water inlets such as fridge with inbuilt ice-maker, dishwasher, water dispenser, filtration units, coffee machines etc. may all be subject to damage and possible leakage.

Although such issues are managed & regulated by the relevant building’s management, Swisspro recognises the need to protect our customers and their filtration systems from such occurrences.

As such, Swisspro will be including a Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) for all NEW & Existing customers. 

This PRV regulates incoming pressure and prevents water hammering and extreme high pressures due to improperly regulated water pumps within the building or home, thus protecting your Swisspro filtration system at all times.

 “Our Customers deserve a peace of mind when using our Swisspro Water Filtration Systems.” – Marco Preisig, Managing Director of Swisspro.

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