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Why choose Swisspro’s SUPERSWISS filtration?

Whenever customers ask us about what is special and unique about the Swisspro SuperSwiss filter element, we tend to respond with lots of technical and scientific  advantages. Starting with the unique 0.2 micron silver incorporated ceramic, through the highest bacteria reduction to the world renowned NSF certificate. But is this what you really want to hear ? Is it how best Swisspro differentiate from some competitors who bore their customers with  facts and figures so at the end you need to draw a matrix to really make up your mind ?

 Indeed, there is a lot more background information that distinguishes us from all the rest !

 Katadyn’s proven formula for the highest quality micro ceramics, proven for decades, is used worldwide under most stringent conditions, where clean drinking water ensures survival. That’s why professional armies from the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia but also Malaysia Indonesia among others rely on this Swiss technology, exactly with the same ceramic as in SuperSwiss.  For troops in action, the maxim only is ‘’the best is good enough’’.  The same applies to rescue operations in natural disasters with international NGO’s and top medical teams only rely on our ceramic. Tests from the most recognized universities and laboratories such as Harvard , Pasteur France or US EPA show the impressive safety and bacteriological retention rate.


A growing number of conscious top hotels, eg. Fairmont, and  Pan Pacific Orchard, are committed to our ceramic filtration.

 Once you achieve this level and confidence and trust, would you even compromise ?  

 Or what about the fact, that no other water filter offers 100% testing before being released ? Yes, almost unbelievable in times of high speed and labour shortage.  Each and every single ceramic filter is tested before going out from factory. Not just a random test.  

 And what about the sustainability and carbon emission of other cartridges, whether Ultrafiltration, Hollow Fiber or UV ? How many times can they be re-used after clogging ? What about their environmental friendly disposal ?

SuperSwiss ceramic doesn’t stop at our shortsighted life just thinking of cost advantages. In the contrary, the ceramic element can be cleaned and reused up to 100 times and its natural ingredients are completely biodegradable. Your children will thank you for it.

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