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In his broadcast of November 13, 2022, Steven Chia/CNA couldn’t have summed it up any better!

In a neutral and well-founded perspective, he explains the cost-benefit ratio of bottled water and comes to the following conclusions:

Many brands build on special processes that have no added value, often are not even healthy but expensive : one example is distilled water, which is completely stripped of mineral content and has a dehydrating effect. Or Alkaline water, which is at best beneficial for a very small group of patients but otherwise has no scientifically proven benefits and is overpriced.

Due to its mineral content (e.g. calcium, magnesium, potassium), minerals have the effect of an electrolyte. But all the products are way extortionate.

Natural drinking water for the whole family comes best and least expensive from the tap and is filtered. The primary purpose of filtration is to reduce or eliminate chlorine levels in the pipeline. Ideally, as with SWISSPRO systems, the water is purified using natural, fine-pored micro ceramics. These guarantee germ-free water without reducing the mineral content. Combined with quality extruded activated carbon, which removes chlorine, other chemicals and heavy metals, SWISSPRO provides natural and fresh tasting drinking water.

SWISSPRO is a brand with 20 years of loyal customers and service in SE-Asia, based on Swiss Made Filtration Technology.

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