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What is Credibility?

The expression CREDIBILITY involves many unmeasurable and yet very tangible criteria. While we can’t size it in kilograms, centimeters or degrees, we still are able to label a person, a product, brand or organization for its credibility. How best to describe it? Wouldn’t values such as trustworthiness, reliability or integrity come to our minds? Probably even character? As a result, several factors must unconsciously be included in our evaluation. Quite interesting, don’t you think? So, which features are crucial in our evaluation?

Of course, we all are influenced by media, image and reputation. Nevertheless, we prefer a selection that does justice to our own experiences. As an example, an INTEL processor describes a brand and solution of utmost credibility. And all of us use it every day. Without ever changing it. The deeper we dive, the more a personal experience plays a decisive role. An experience in which a company, a product, a service and its people are united in one. An experience which is stronger than the best videoclips, social media reports and friends’ recommendations together. Because it’s personal. Because it’s lived.


Here is what a customer, Philippe & Heejung from Bedok, has to say:

‘My experience with SWISSPRO is a small but memorable example. When browsing on the internet through multiple brands for a good drinking water system in my kitchen, my friend recommended to contact SWISSPRO since she was using that product for over 10 years. While the brand didn’t pop up among the top 3 ads on Google, upon my call their staff invited me to their showroom and even offered to visit my home.

By doing so, they first tried to understand my family’s needs on the type of installation, consumption, available connections and our habits of drinking hot and cold beverages. I was pleasantly surprised that they were more concerned and NEEDS, and what worked best for me before giving me a product recommendation – rather than just pushing me a ‘cookie-cutter’ product. After evaluating a couple of comparative offers from other brands, the choice was clear which brand gave me a very personal touch and assurance. I also did not hesitate to opt for SWISSPRO’s premium comprehensive options for service and warranty, knowing me and my family needs will be well taken care of and with complete peace of mind 24/7.’

With almost 20 years of experience in offering products and services, SWISSPRO has provided not just personal and family drinking needs, but also distinguished customers such as Fairmont, Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, and Bread Talk Corporate offices etc. It’s a brand they can rely on for years to come.

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