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Swisspro CSR Program

With the cause of giving back to society, Swisspro wanted to increase public awareness about environmental pollution and charitable giving. Although we operated on small scale, we believe that every little contribution makes a big difference.

While a donation usually includes purely financial support in addition to the idea of solidarity, real CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) means active cooperation of a company – in our case SWISSPRO – with an organization or association , for example in the charitable or environmental protection area. It’s often compared as philanthropy versus social responsibility. Ideas and intentions for CSR are present in many companies, the step from the concept to implementation sometimes is a bit more difficult. It was no different at Swisspro. Bringing the proposals externally and internally to a common denominator takes a little extra persuasion and patience.

Our Core Value:
  • Cooperates with a selection of local, trustworthy NGOs.
  • People or groups who depend on support, as well as simple contributions to a healthier environment are the focus of our efforts.
  • Swisspro employees and stakeholders provide voluntary work, during and/or additional to office hours.
  • The work is a meaningful addition to everyday business life, an active encounter with less privileged people and a contribution to solve environmental challenges.

Past Events

27th March 2023