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What Our Clients Say About Us

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“No overly hard-selling, I found Swisspro has got professional and friendly sales and customer service whose understand their product greatly. After comparing with other brands, I found Swisspro filters are the best quality, and maintenance is reasonable.”

Gary Leow

“We are satisfied with the hot & cold water dispenser from Swisspro.  The dispensers are easy to manage and cost saving on water consumption compare to the distilled water bottle.”

Ms Hon, Hitachi Singapore

“CLIMA Versa saves us lots of space especially for our small pantry, and it is very easy to use. I serve drinks to customers without worrying about taking time to boil water. My customers and employees love it. My husband and I are very happy with CLIMA Versa and the after sales service.”

May and Kevan, owners of Ponytail The Salon

“As health professionals, my wife and I are very particular about the water we drink. We chose Swisspro because of the the proven history of the company as well as the premium quality of the products. The service was exceptional!”

Wong Yu Jin and Samantha

“We have been using Swisspro’s water filter at home for the last 6 years and we are very satisfied with both the product and service. The filter is easy to change and it only takes a few minutes. No tools required. We highly recommend Swisspro’s products!”

Patrik & Saydee Risberg

“We’ve been using Swisspro water filtration system for 15 years in Singapore and ever since, we enjoy the neutral and fresh taste of the water. This system is cost efficient thanks to the reliable and long lasting filter cartridges.”

Marcel Michel and Family

“I highly recommend Swisspro for its purified and natural tasting drinking water without frills. Best quality for all my work mate. “

Sally Au, Kimly Limited

“Ever since we have decided to award the contract to Swisspro, the installation team has gone beyond its service to resolve our water point issues that many companies shun. As a service provider myself, we do look for vendors who can provide service from the hearts and Swisspro fits the bill well.”

Linus Neo, Gleneagles Hospital

“We choose Swisspro base on its strong credentials. Providing water to our staff and members is essential, and we want to ensure everyone has safe and natural water to drink.”

Angelia Lau, ABC Cooking Studio

“After months of facing technical issues with our imported filtration systems – we finally found a solution with Swisspro! We have installed 4 units of Versa and it has been hassle free with constant supply of clean filtered water. Exceptional service from Jeslin and her team!”

Sheena, Skyscanner