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Getting A Water Filter: 6 Common Myths, Debunked!

A water filtration system with too many redundant filtering stages will add more expenses into replacement and may be more complicated to maintain.”

Long favoured for its cleanliness and better taste (and being a much better alternative to gallons of bottled water), filtered water has become pretty much a household staple these days. No surprise then – more water filtration models have been popping up in recent times, all claiming to do the job (or better)!

But what’s really worth investing in – and best for your home? To help you figure things out better, we check out 6 common buying mistakes every homeowner should avoid when shopping for a water filter:


1. More filters aren’t definitely better

A water filtration system with too many redundant filtering stages will add more expenses into replacement and may be more complicated to maintain.

The more filters your system has, the cleaner (and safer) your water is, right? Not exactly. Truth is, a good water filtration system should only need to tackle these 3 crucial contaminants for clean, drinkable water:

1. particles and sediments

2. chemicals and heavy metals

3. micro-organisms and bacteria.

Any additional stages that filter beyond that may be a bonus – but they may not be necessary. Besides, having more filters could reduce the flow of water dispensed (as the liquid has to pass through more obstacles), and definitely translate to bigger costs over time as more items need to be replaced.

Alternatively, some systems might even compensate filter life and efficiency by breaking down the process to more steps. So, don’t be easily bought over by big numbers.


2. Going for cheaper water filter jugs

For many looking to jump into the filtered water lifestyle, affordable, over-the-counter water filter jugs may be a tempting option. But as they say, you get what you pay for! In fact, these low-cost alternatives (which usually consist of just a single filtration layer) cannot remove contaminants as thoroughly as dedicated water filters.

With multiple layers designed to remove specific types of particles, SWISSPRO’s Swiss-made filtration system thoroughly removes all types of unwanted substances, from suspended solids, chemicals, odours, heavy metals to even up to 99.99% of microbes in your H20. A much better investment in our books.

SWISSPRO’s premium quality filters with hygienic box design.


3. Being misled by ‘extra’ features

What’s even better than ultra-clean water? Water that can actually benefit your health! Well, not that it doesn’t already, but it can be easy to be lured into getting models that add ‘nutrients’ or other perks to supposedly improve our wellbeing – even if most of these claims are unproven.

One popular example is alkaline water filters, which many filtration systems market as an all-round health solution. Despite claims that alkaline water can treat gastric problems and even keep cancerous cells at bay, it isnot scientifically proven to benefit one’s body at all! In fact, our stomach acids need to remain acidic in order to break down and sterilize food, and diluting it with artificial alkalinity can affect one’s ability to digest. Not a good trade-off for an oft overpriced and (power consuming) gimmick.

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Do not step into the trap of “extra features” that claims to improve your health without any scientific prove.


4. Not testing the filtered water you’re buying

Installing a water filter is a big commitment to take, not just in terms of cost but the fact that you’ll be drinking it every day! As chlorine levels and impurities differ in various households, it’s important to be comfortable with your filtered water’s taste before settling with one.

Thankfully, SWISSPRO offers drinking water samples, in-house demonstrations and trials for its water filtration systems – so users can get a complete experience of what they are buying into.

“SWISSPRO’s table top digital tap saves us lots of space especially for our small pantry, and it is very easy to use.” – Owners of Ponytail the Salon


5. Not making the most of your kitchen space

Just as more filters don’t translate to having cleaner, safer water – getting a big-sized water dispenser (with larger capacity) doesn’t mean you actually need one. And honestly? With Singapore’s compact spaces, a bulky dispenser may prove more a burden than a help as they also take up valuable kitchen countertop or walking space.

So, for something more space-saving and appropriate, consider getting a built-in undersink system, like SWISSPRO’s Clima Versa/Unico. With the main filtration system thoughtfully hidden out of sight, the system accommodates 15 servings at one go – dispensing up to 4L of hot and 1.2L of cold filtered water via it’s slim built-in tap. Sufficient for a typical home (with guests).


6. Settling for mediocre product and services

Like the furniture and décor we have in our homes – design plays a huge part in our buying process. Granted, nobody likes buying a product that’ll seriously cramp their style – but don’t simply settle for a low-quality solution just because it looks sleek and fancy.

Always consider the quality of your water filter and level of after sales service before zooming onto a model. Functional yet stylish, SWISSPRO takes the stress out of this aspect by providing regular reminders for servicing to its clients, ensuring every Swiss-made Clima Versa/Unico unit is well maintained for years to come.

SWISSPRO’s Clima Versa water filtration set-up at SENNHEISER.


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