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Circuit Breaker: 10 Signs You Are Dehydrated

The current Circuit Breaker makes us stay at home.

One possible challenge is too little exercise with too much food consumption. Many of us intend to break this vicious circle with more exercise either at home, or brisk walks or jogging. While we move less, it does not mean we do not need to drink sufficient water.

Warning signals from our body

If we drink only when we are thirsty, our body already contains insufficient liquids. Our metabolism sends various warning signals to alert that we are dehydrated and should drink more.

It is important to always drink enough water. About two to three liters a day are recommended for an adult. With increasingly warm temperatures, the need to consume more liquids also increases.

10 signs that you did not drink sufficient water:

1. Dark urine

One of the best tell-tale signs that we are drinking insufficient quantity of water is dark yellow urine. For many, this happens typically in the morning because of several hours of sleep without liquid intake and subsequently the urine is more concentrated. However, if the color of the urine does not change, even if we drink more water, a doctor should be consulted.

2. Constipation

Another warning signal during toilet visits is constipation: if the body does not have sufficient water, the activities of the intestines  are also impaired. Of course, constipation can also occur due to improper nutrition. Consumption of more fluids and a high-fiber diet can help.

3. Headache

Dehydration can also be manifested by a headache. Small blood vessels in the brain are sensitive to the lack of fluids. In addition, the level of serotonin – a messenger substance that transmits information within the nervous system – also drops as a result. Both can lead to headaches. The situation is similar when we experience excessive alcohol intake, feeling a hangover and our body urgently needs water.

4. Forgetfulness

The more dehydrated we are, the less the brain can perform. This is because the brain is poorly supplied with blood due to falling blood pressure. We become more forgetful and cannot concentrate well.

5. Feeling cold

Another sign that our body lacks of water is feeling cold easily. The blood supply to the skin is reduced and water is also lacking in the body. If we feel coldquickly even in warm rooms, we should try to drink more water.

6. Fatigue

Even after a long sleep and exerting little effort, we may feel tired when there is a lack of fluids. Blood pressure drops when we are dehydrated, and it also reduces blood flow to the brain, which typically leads to fatigue.

7. Dry skin

Having more dry skin, dark circles under the eyes and deeper wrinkles than usual are the result of too little water in our bodies. With enough fluid, the skin appears tighter and the surface appears less dry. Water is therefore not only crucial for health, but also for a fresh appearance.

8. Unpleasant breath

An unpleasant consequence of dehydration can be bad breath. Saliva keeps the number of bacteria in a certain balance. If the water supply is too low, the body produces an insufficient amount of saliva and the quantity of bacteria in the mouth increases. This leads to bad breath, which can easily be prevented by sufficient hydration.

9. Muscle cramps

As mentioned earlier in this article, dehydration slows blood circulation, which can lead to muscle cramps. In this state, vital organs are better supplied with blood than the muscles, so it can easily cause muscle spasms.  This could occur during exercise when our body loses water through sweating.

10. Bad mood

If we drink too little water, we are more easily irritable and may feel more stressed. In order to improve our mood and be more confident in daily life, we should drink enough water – for the sake of ourselves and our fellow human beings.

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