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Why Piped-in Dispensers are the Top Choice for Offices?

Keeping your employees hydrated (and in turn, keeping them healthy and productive) during the workday is a simple but necessary aspect of employee welfare! And that is the reason why having a steady supply and accessible source of drinking water is essential in offices of any size!

That is where water dispensers come in! Wondering how to choose between bottled water dispensers and piped-in dispensers – the two main types of water dispensers for workplaces?


Bottled Water Dispenser Piped-In Dispenser
A dispenser type that is connected to individual units of bottled water that supply limited water (needs to be refilled) to a machine A dispenser type that is connected directly to the water mains and treated for an unlimited supply of filtered running water


Here are 5 simple reasons why workplaces are increasingly preferring piped-in dispensers over their bottled water counterparts.

Uninterrupted Supply of Water

Ever faced a situation where you head to a bottled water dispenser and realise it has run out of water, and the maintenance staff has yet to replace it with another bottle yet, leaving you all thirsty and upset?

The good news is, with piped-in dispensers, you will never run out of water as it is connected directly to the water supply – no extra effort required.

No more having to put in the hard work of regularly hauling those heavy water bottles just to get a drink in the office.

Space Saving & More Stylish Option

Thanks to its uninterrupted connection to a continuous water supply from the water mains, there is no need to store those bulky and heavy water bottle stockpiles which take up plenty of space in the pantry.

Taking aesthetics into account, piped-in dispensers are the obvious winner. They come in a variety of designs, from super slim countertop options that take up only 28cm (width) to higher capacity designs that still take up minimal floor space and will not look out of place even in the most stylish of offices.

The Environmentally Friendly Option

With more companies emphasising on creating more environmentally sustainable workspaces, it is clear that piped-in dispensers are the more environmentally friendly option.

Bottled water dispensers create immense amounts of avoidable plastic waste regularly with each refill, compared to piped-in dispensers which only require replacing filters once or twice a year.

Long Term Cost Effectiveness

While most direct piping dispensers are more costly upfront (due to the installation of the machine), they do not have many recurring costs apart from the water bill and once-a-year filter replacement.

In contrast, bottled water dispensers do not have a significant upfront cost as most are leased, but have a comparatively higher cost regularly – with the cost of bottled water refills, delivery, or even storage charges.

More Features

And last but not least, because of its in-built connection to the water mains, piped-in dispensers offer more exciting features to make hydrating in the office a safer and enjoyable experience:

  • Integrated filters for clean water
  • Hot, cold, and ambient water on-demand
  • Safety button for hot water
  • Carbonated water
  • And more

Keen to Explore Piped-In Water Dispensers for Your Workplace?

At Swisspro, our expert team has worked with plenty of homeowners, schools, hospitals, and offices to a deliver natural tasting drinking water experience for all.

Let us help guide you to select the best water system for your offices today! Contact us today!

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