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TOP 3 Criteria a SAFE Water Filtration must have


TOP 3 Criteria a SAFE Water Filtration must have

1. Performance Against Chemicals & Heavy Metals

Most filtrations in the market boast chemical removal using activated carbon as an adsorption media.  However, few realise that there are different grades of activated carbon and carbon filtration types that determine its performance: E.g. Purity and source of carbon, Granular activated carbon, Powdered activated carbon, Pelletised activated carbon, and the list goes on.

Cheaper filtration usually offer granular, powdered, or mixed media to remove chemicals.  These options often have limited adsorption effectiveness due to quality and water channels created over time through its loose medium. (Read More about this here: https://swissprowater.com/not-all-carbon-filters-are-made-equal/)

Swisspro uses the highest-grade Swiss-made activated carbon (extruded solid block) with incorporated Zeolite which effectively remove not just chemicals like chlorine but also heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Our filtration technology used in various applications have passed the most stringent tests in known labs and are market proven by commercial, NGOs and military alike.


2. Protection Against Bacteria & Protozoa

The key criteria for an effective microbiological filtration is MICRON size:

If the Micron size is too big, Chlorine-resistant bacteria such as Vibrio Cholerae and Protozoa such as Giardia can pass through and cause health issues.

If the Micron size is too small, essential minerals that are good for the body and is what gives water its natural thirst-quenching taste will be stripped away – leaving the water null of nutrients and taste.

As a true filtration manufacturer, Swisspro has many in-house solutions such as UV, Reverse osmosis, Desalinators and various types of membrane technologies deployed in different market segments and applications.

Swisspro has deliberately chosen to use its proprietary Ceramic technology for residential tap water filtration for the following reasons:

  • Micron size (at 0.2 microns):
    1.  removes up to 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria
    2. removes up to 99.99% of protozoa
  • Retains Essential Minerals therefore maintaining the water’s nutrients and great taste
  • Ceramic is a natural material:
    1. No potential fouling or possibility of microplastics from membranes
    2. Environmentally sustainable, cleanable, and reusable for a long period of time


3. Peace of Mind

With the emergence of E-commerce as a prominent selling place, many sellers use these platforms to offer cheap solutions with promise of quality.  However, they can be prone to lack of service due to Seller no longer active, fine print to warranty issues, lack of support etc.

Swisspro offer many levels of assurance to the customer such as:

  • Extended Warranty Packages & Services
    • We keep spare units & parts to support the system model you have throughout the length of your warranty
    • Inhouse technicians skilled to support your systems
    • Direct Support reachable via phone, Whatsapp, email etc.
  • Servicing Packages
    • Various Service Packages choices to suit your needs and budgets
    • We track your servicing due dates on your behalf and follow up with reminders and notifications
    • We offer technicians to change, service and maintain the system so you don’t have to
  • Value Add Protection
    • Our systems come with safeguard measures to reduce the possibility of leaking/flooding
      • Pressure Reduction Valves
      • Leak detector devices (in some systems)

As solution providers, we understand your needs may change over time and Swisspro does offer attractive upgrade and combo packages to suit to your evolving needs.

Realise that your current filter brand may not be providing optimal protection for your family?

We also offer retrofitting of our filtration units to your existing dispensers and appliances.

Make the switch today!


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