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Better Be Safe Than Sorry


“A beautiful water filtration product design cannot justify the filtration capabilities. Find the true strength of water filter system.”

Are you looking for a trustworthy water filtration system? If you Google search, you will find yourself confused by so many different types of water filtration systems in the market, with a few popular brands shouting their advertising slogan.

The fact is, in recent years, the water filtration market in Singapore is booming with new businesses from local and overseas countries. Consumers have too many choices as the market is flooded with different brands, with each of them assuring latest technology to produce quality drinking water. With aggressive marketing and advertising strategies, or even intimidating sales personnel, we could not help but to notice that majority of consumers are buying their water filtration system without scrutinizing the quality of product.

Specialised in water filtration with Swiss technology for more than 90 years in Switzerland and 15 years in Singapore, we recognise that some merchants are not more than just opportunists. They just do not take their product seriously when it comes to the most important part of the product, which are the filters. They rather focus on pleasing consumers with beautiful product design. This is a clever move but it can be deceiving.  A beautiful water filtration product design cannot justify the filtration capabilities.

Therefore, next time when you are admiring these beautifully designed products, you may give the filters a miss, which is the fundamental feature in selecting a good water filtration system.

Since the quality filters are usually overlooked, majority of water filtration merchants started to transform low-end product into fancy item with high-end price. You will find a 5 to 6 stages water filtration product comes with repetitive stages. Without enhancing filtration quality, it may be designed just to impress consumers. Moreover, some brands come with no clear identification of where the filters are originated and produced.

With an unknown filter origin, the material used is also one of the main concerns. Low-quality material combined with less stringent production affects filtration quality.

Let us go beyond the surface for a moment and lead you to some key questions:

Last but not least, we find various market players are making new entry into water filtration market. These companies are expanding product line into water filtration and managed to convince people without proper product knowledge and expertise. Despite their reputation, they may not see themselves selling high quality water filtration product. With such management, the sales team are driven to sell and not to answer questions due to lack of knowledge on the quality of filters.

Now that you know what the key questions are, make sure you have done some research on the type of water filtration suitable for you and your family, without having to go through the experience in buying the wrong product. 🙂

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