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Our SUPERSWISS filter takes on the NSF certification challenge – Will we pass the test?

SUPERSWISS is a Super Performer

SUPERSWISS is an all-in-one filter solution designed to cater for some of the more compact solutions offered by Swisspro.

As a 2-in-1 filter, SUPERSWISS is used for SLIM Model, the 2-stage water filtration system. It is crafted by merging both our signature SWISS-made Carbon and Ceramic technologies currently used in our 3-Stage Water Filtration System into one compact filter.

Although smaller in capacity, we wanted to ensure that our SUPERSWISS performs just as well as our main 3-Stage Water Filtration System by putting it through one of the most stringent standards available: The NSF Certification Standard.

Who is NSF?

NSF International is a global, independent organization, that is dedicated to protecting and improving global human health, through the development of public health standards and certification programs since 1944.

Their professional staff of engineers, microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists, and public health experts aid their standards team to facilitate development of public health standards, and test, audit and certify products and services.

VERDICT: Did SUPERSWISS perform based on NSF standards?

Our Swisspro SUPERSWISS passed with flying colours! Customers using this compact version can now rest assured that its performance is uncompromised and equivalent to that of our main 3-Stage Water Filtration System.

SUPERSWISS is now officially NSF certified and is listed on NSF website: http://info.nsf.org/Certified/dwtu/listings.asp?CompanyName=swisspro&submit1=Search+by+Manufacturer&Program=DWTU

BEWARE! Many may claim that their products are NSF certified. Check NSF’s official listing to ensure they are actually listed!


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