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Searching For the Fountain of Youth

“Drinking water enables oxygen to be rapidly supplied through blood flowing to your body organs, rejuvenating your cells to give the skin a healthy glow.”

Look no further; water may be your most economic way to beauty after all.

As you may already know, water makes up three quarters of your total body mass and substance. It is an essential element for your body organs to function. Every day, your body loses an average of 2.5 litres of water including the hours which you spend sleeping; taking at least 2 litres of water per day is crucial to replenishing the nutrients your body most crave for. If you drink up only when you feel thirsty, there is likelihood that you are already experiencing dehydration.

A beautiful you begin with a healthy internal environment. Water is the important agent in promoting digestion and flushing out toxins from your body. By hydrating the intestinal canal and breaking down food properly, there will be less build up of harmful substances in your body. The benefits you gain? No constipation and no greasy dull spots on your skin which are reflections of unhealthy intestinal conditions.

Dehydration can result in increase of body fats. The next time you want to reach for a diet pill, why not reach for a bottle of water instead? When you drink enough water, your body will have less craving for snacks and allow food that you consume to flow smoothly through intestines. This helps metabolize body fats and reduce the calories which you will absorb. Most importantly, no side effects!

Dermatologists have long highlighted the importance of consuming enough water for your skin cells which are almost entirely made up of water. Howard Murad from Los Angeles says, “Eighty percent of hydration should come from internal sources.” Besides eating sufficient portions of fruits and vegetables daily, drinking water enables oxygen to be rapidly supplied through blood flowing to your body organs, rejuvenating your cells to give the skin a healthy glow. Wrinkles are in fact a sign of dry skin caused by loss of moisture.

Drinking quality water is as important as drinking enough water. While Singapore’s water is generally safe to be consumed from the tap, a water filtration system enhances your drinking experience by removing impurities yet retaining water’s essential minerals. With no boiling or electricity involved, you can have access to great tasting purified water from your tap anytime you like to create a pure body and complexion.

So make drinking water part of your beauty regime today. Try taking sips regularly throughout the day to keep your skin and body nourished. It will not be long before your body feels the difference!

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