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Response to CNA News

As a manufacturer of premium water systems, we are happy to receive coverage from CNA. It mostly reflects our point of view, solutions and technology. And it helps to distinguish inferior quality products and services from professional standards.

  1. Taste: Non-neutral water taste can be a result of chemical- (eg. chlorine, pesticides) and/or microbiological contamination. Swisspro 3-stage filtration address both potential causes and are in the correct sequence. After a prefiltration, the extruded activated carbon cartridge eliminates taste, odor, chemicals and heavy metals. The 3rd stage microporous ceramic filter eliminates bacteria and cysts and avoids any recontamination based on silver impregnated quartz stones.
  1. Cancer prevention: The statement made by many competitors that water filters prevent cancer is effectively misleading. However, it is correct and scientifically proven that reducing excessive chlorine levels reduce the risk of cancer development. This is achieved by high quality activated carbon cartridges. Swisspro systems are equipped with extruded block activated carbon cartridges containing Zeolite, which also addresses heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
  1. Alkaline water: We support the statement that Alkaline water is not beneficial for health as proper digestion requires acidity. In addition, ionizers require electricity and part of the filtered water is thrown away being highly acidic.
  1. Minerals: Many water systems are based on reverse osmosis, which in addition to microparticles also remove valuable minerals such as calcium or potassium. In order to produce high quality drinking water with a natural taste, these minerals have to be added after the filtration process. No minerals are reduced in the Swisspro filter process. The main process is based on natural microporous ceramics. During this process, the mineral content is fully retained.
  1. Bacteria count: We are not surprised by the high number of bacteria after competitors’ systems. This is a result of two factors:
      1. Activated carbon as the last filter medium is unsuitable. Although AC reduces taste, chlorine and heavy metals, it is also a potential source of germ growth. Therefore, a microbiological level must be placed in any case after the activated carbon.
      2. It is important to replace the filters according to the operating manual in order to prevent contamination.

In the Swisspro systems, there is always a ceramic downstream, which acts as a bacterial barrier. The Swisspro customer service, which has existed for more than 15 years in Singapore, informs each customer personally and in advance of the upcoming filter change required.

  1. PUB: Even the best water utilities in the world cannot prevent the water from becoming contaminated between the treatment in the waterworks and the tap at home. 5700 km of water pipes and 20,000 buildings in our city is a challenge ; pipelines and water tanks in a tropical climate require an enormous amount of maintenance. Gaps, cracks, leakages or interruptions cannot be avoided. At Swisspro, we do not see our task in questioning an established and proven system, but rather in supplementing it with added value.
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