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SMART Classic

  • Separate Drinking tap
  • Designed exclusively for filtered drinking water
  • Filtration system smartly installed under the sink
  • No electricity needed

3-stage filtration

1st Stage


Filters out suspended solids, like rust and sand particles using 5-micron membrane filter.

2nd Stage

Activated Carbon Block

Removes chemicals, bad taste, odors, lead and heavy metals.

Improves and enhances the natural taste drinking water

3rd Stage


Removes more than 99.99% microorganisms and bacteria based on unique 0.2-micron micro ceramic that prevents recontamination.

Can be cleaned and reused.

Technical Specification

Water Function


Filtration Set

Swisspro CORE – 3-stage Filtration

Tap Material

Chrome-plated Brass

Filtration Technology

Microbiology & Heavy Metal Safety


Not required


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