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Message from MD: Passion for Water in Our DNA

“We are proud of countless private households and companies, which for well over 10 years belong to our loyal customers.”

Understanding Each Other in Work Place

Due to our growing organisation, all employees recently completed the MBTI test.

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is a self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. Results are not right or wrong, nor good nor bad. But they encourage the understanding and cooperation of differences. In the ultimate case, our team consists of many different personalities. Perceivers for example are equally important as judges (planners) – foresighted planning ideally is combined with courageous action.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

On a different occasion I was asked what the DNA of our company was. I thought this is an interesting question since it does not primarily aim at our external characteristics but rather on how our heartbeat works. Viewed from the outside, we are probably perceived simply as suppliers of drinking water systems with a Swiss connection. Like every modern company we are constantly developing better products, grow new markets and improve our marketing communication. But this is not making us special. What is it that actually inspires us?

In addition to the H2O molecule as an essential component of our DNA, the daily and direct contact with the end user is essential for the development and continuity of our company and brand. Perhaps with exception of our unique Swiss Made micro ceramic, todays water treatment technologies are widespread, well known and can be easily copied. However, only due to personal and individual consultation, delivery and installation as well as tailor made maintenance and upgrade packages are we able to differentiate from other brands.

We like to do without cheap products and concede this segment to eager competitors. We are happy to leave the volume business to the hungry mass producers. Yet we are ambitious to go the extra mile for our customers who look for premium quality and sustainable solutions. We are proud of countless private households and companies, which for well over 10 years belong to our loyal customers. They are the best signboard of our brand and the most convincing ambassadors for new clients. They best describe our DNA.

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