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Malaysia Defence Services Asia & Beijing Disaster Prevention Expo Recap

On top of providing quality and safe filtered water for homes and offices, Swisspro actively participates in providing water filter solutions to other sectors such as Defence, Emergency and NGOs in Asia.Emergency situations such as on-site rescue & assistance depend on reliable equipment to supply safe drinking water – where conventional water sources may have been cut-off or simply out of reach.

Numerous ministries of defence such as Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) have been using the Katadyn Expedition hand-pumped water filter in their support to disasters worldwide for more than 10 years. These hand-pumped water filters utilise the same ceramic filtration technology that are used in our home filtration systems today.

Over the years, Swisspro’s water filtration technology have been tried, tested and proven to meet the high demands and standards in many different fields.

Our water filtration systems ensure that the water you drink is free from all pathogenic bacteria and cysts, chemicals and heavy metals, while retaining essential minerals that are good for you.

Do check out our home filtration systems range here or call our Sales Hotline at 6276 1005 to find out more.

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