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Is It Necessary To Buy And Install A Water Purifier In Singapore?

Living in one of the cleanest cities in the world and given Singapore’s strict standards to water hygiene, buying and installing a water purifier at home may seem superfluous. After all, the water supplied is safe to drink, why spend extra money on a water purifier?

However, you may be surprised to know that contaminants are sometimes found in the water supplied to households across Singapore, resulting in discoloured water. As stated by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in charge of handling the water supply in Singapore, contamination of water may happen due to the following reasons:

Failure of the water inspection company: According to PUB, any installation or repair works of any water equipment must be carried out by a licensed plumber or by workers under the direct supervision of one. However, certain cases may fall through the cracks and a licensed plumber is not engaged to inspect, clean, or fix the faulty water storage tanks, resulting in the contamination of water.

Corrosion of iron tanks, service water pipes, and other components: Every piece of equipment has an expiry date and water tanks, as well as service water pipes, are no different. Sometimes, using them beyond their expiry or intended capacity will lead to equipment corrosion and failure, which subsequently affects the water as well.

Another reason for the corrosion of these water tanks and service water pipes may be due to quality issues. The water supply and storage equipment are already defective, causing the waters to turn murky and become unsafe for drinking.

Resuspension of mineral sediments: There are many naturally occurring minerals in tap water. Over time, sediments form when these minerals settle at the bottom of the pipes, especially if the water in the pipes is slow-moving.


Benefits Of A Water Purifier

Saves time: Even though the tap water in Singapore is certified as safe to drink, unexpected contamination may still happen occasionally. That’s why it is still common practice for many households to boil water for peace of mind. When discoloured water appears, households are advised by PUB to run their taps and avoid using the water until the water runs clear, which may take up to several hours.

With a water purifier, there is no need to worry about any unexpected contaminations or waiting for the water to run clear. Swisspro’s Home Filtration System has a 3 Step Filtration Process:

  • Preliminary Filter: Filters out suspended solids of size more than 5 microns.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Removes chemicals, odours, chlorine, heavy metals as well as health-threatening by-products effectively.
  • Ceramic Microfiltration Removes more than 99.99% of microorganisms and bacteria based on unique 0.2-micron microceramic that prevents recontamination.

Improves and enhances the water taste: Singapore’s tap water has chlorine added to keep the water safe from bacteria and viruses. However, chlorine reacts with naturally occurring minerals in the water, causing the water to have a certain taste that some individuals may not like. A water purifier system can get rid of the chlorine and odours, giving you that natural taste of drinking water.

Get Your Swisspro Water Purifier Today

With over 90 years of manufacturing experience in Switzerland and trusted by countless private households and companies, Swisspro is the preferred choice for its natural tasting drinking water at home, schools, hospitals and offices.

Contact us today at 6276 1005 or email at info@swisspro.sg to find out more about our water purifier systems.

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