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How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

It may hardly be a consideration when purchasing a water filtration system or dispenser: while some focus their purchasing decision purely by the outlook and functionality of the product, while only a meticulous few focus on reading the labels on the filters itself.

Filters come in different shapes and sizes, and each may serve a different purpose. While filtration systems are supposed to enhance your drinking experience and keep your water safe, an expired filter may do the complete opposite.

As actual filtration manufacturers, we will give you some tips on how to know when you should change your filters, and ensure you are truly drinking safe drinking water:

The Basics

 Your filtration unit should provide the main essential components:

  • Pre-filter – This one removes the bigger sediments like sand and piping residue which ensures the other filters can do their job optimally without obstruction.
  • Carbon Filter – A good carbon filter is responsible for removing chlorine, other harmful chemicals and heavy metals.  NOTE! Not all carbon filters are made equal! (Tag link: https://www.swisspro.sg/2017/07/not-all-carbon-filters-are-made-equal/)
  • Anti-bacterial Filter – Its purpose is to remove harmful bacteria that may be picked up from leaking pipes in the ground, ill-maintained water tanks etc. (Tag link: https://www.swisspro.sg/2011/10/filtering-with-ceramic/)


Your vendor should provide the capacity of each filter and how often you should change it – You can check this via the product specification on their website or labels.  We advise against using filters beyond their expiry or intended capacity, as it may result in little or no actual filtration in your drinking water.  In worst cases, the filtration unit may end up becoming a conducive environment for bacteria breeding.

Here are some tell-tale signs your filters should be changed:

  • Taste
    • Apparent bitter-like tasting water is a sign that chlorine is NO LONGER removed by your Carbon filter
    • While taste is subjective, foul tasting water can be detected by most people. This is an indication that there may be a presence of bacteria in your water
  • Smell
    • For more sensitive people, they can pick up gases produced by accumulated chemicals and bacteria – Yup, time to switch out all your filters
  • Particles
    • Gunk or particles may indicate that EITHER biofilm/algae has started growing in your filtration OR that your filter may be damaged or compromised therefore allowing particles to pass through
  • Colour
    • If your drinking water is not pristine clear, it is clear you shouldn’t be drinking the water. To be sure the colour is not caused by micro-bubbles (that may occur when air is pushed through anti-bacterial filter), dispense the water into a clear glass and let it settle for a few minutes).


Some filtration units are sold at incredibly low prices, and some come in such small sizes they seem to take up less space.  More often that not, it comes at a price: More frequent change in filters are required due to smaller, limited capacity filters that can fit into a small system.

Time to take out that calculator to check how much you are actually paying per year. Note! Check the actual stated capacity of the filter to double check how long it lasts! (Tag link: https://www.swisspro.sg/2019/12/we-know-they-are-cheaper/)


Yet another consideration when buying a filtration system:

  • Does my vendor keep track of when our systems need to be serviced?
  • Would they still be operating when we need replacement filters?
  • Will they stop supporting this filter type in my system when it is overtaken by newer models?

As a benchmark, Swisspro uses an automated system that keeps track of every individual customer’s filter replacement due dates.  This system sends each customer an alert via email and prompts our After-sales Service Officers to get in touch with them.  This provides our customers assurance and peace of mind.

Backed up by our manufacturing in Switzerland (operating since 1928), and serving Asia since 2000’s, we have and will continue to provide support and replacements for our unique proprietary filters worldwide for years to come.

Realise the filters you purchased from another brand may not be good enough?

And one last recommendation: if not sure about the safety of your filter, don’t go back to the old style boiling! This will not address all potential quality matters – better give us a call.  

Do not fret! Swisspro does provide an UPGRADE PLAN with an external filtration system that is compatible with most drinking faucets and dispensers.

Unsure? Have questions? Need an Upgrade?

Call our hotline at +65 6276 1005 now!

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