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St.John’s Elderly Home Volunteering

Feb – Jun 2019

At Swisspro, we started a nice collaboration with St. John’s Elderly Home lin 2019.

Established in December 1958, St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons is a Sheltered Home for elderly persons who are ambulant and aged above 60. The Mission is to provide shelter and care to meet the physical and spiritual needs of elderly persons who have no home and no children or close relatives with adequate resources to care for them. The Home is open to all regardless of race or creed.

At the beginning, Swisspro employees accompanied the residents to games and painting on various afternoons. The plan is to keep the elderly active, foster communication and create variety in their daily life.

On another day we spent a leisurely time together with the Elderly at the East Coast. It started with a typical lunch at the Lagoon Food Village, followed by a relaxing walk along the sea. And at the end, we all – St. John’s Elderly and Swisspro staff – enjoyed a cozy round with singing and ice cream.

Swisspro intend to continue the experience with St. John, which is equally enriching for our team.

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