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Buying Alkaline Water for Your Baby?

“Why would babies need alkaline water since they do not have an overly acidic diet?”

We have talked about alkaline water and received positive response from customers. Now, some of the mother-to-be is wondering, what if my baby needs alkaline water? 

Our answer to all mother is: No, your babies don’t need alkaline water.

Out in the market, alkaline water vendors or marketers may have claimed the many health benefits they offer, emphasized it is good even for babies. But is that true? Maybe not. Here is what the experts advise:

  • Consult a paediatrician first and avoid giving your baby alkaline water 30-45 minutes before and after meals
  • Avoid using alkaline water to mix baby formula feed or any other baby foods
  • If your baby is on certain medications, make sure you avoid giving alkaline water for baby to avoid any possible interactions (because it may cause the time release medications to be absorbed too quickly)
  • If your baby is acidotic, contact your paediatrician for proper diagnosis and to find the underlying cause

It is best to seek advice from a healthcare provider or do a fact check before you try feeding your baby alkaline water, especially if he/she is too young.

Remember, the theory behind drinking alkaline water is that it helps the body maintain its pH level. Why would babies need alkaline water since they do not have an overly acidic diet? Therefore, surely they don’t need the pH balancing effect of alkaline water.

What you feed your children in infancy can have lifelong repercussions for their health. Breast milk is the best food for children under 1 year. Alternately, you can let them consume some vegetables and fruits that is unprocessed instead of giving your babies questionable water.

Read what the advisor and Paediatrician must say in answering this question.


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