Be an Eco-Conscious Traveller

I love to travel, I mean, who doesn’t? When I check into a nice hotel, I like to feel that I am being well looked after with the service and comforting amenities in my room. From branded refillable soaps and shampoo to fluffy bathrobes, I like all the small details, especially when I want a […]

Singapore Among the World Biggest Spenders on Bottled Water – Good or Bad?

Reading the article “SINGAPORE IS TOP BOTTLED WATER CONSUMER” we almost get the impression that our city-state is crowned with a gold medal! Should we even be proud of this ranking, just like about Joseph Schooling’s sensational Olympic success in 2016? Or should we look at this record with mixed thoughts, at least through an enlarged lens? […]


In his broadcast of November 13, 2022, Steven Chia/CNA couldn’t have summed it up any better! In a neutral and well-founded perspective, he explains the cost-benefit ratio of bottled water and comes to the following conclusions: Many brands build on special processes that have no added value, often are not even healthy but expensive : one example […]

Planning For Sustainable Drinking Water In Hotels

The recently published Singapore Hotel Sustainability Roadmap of the STB (Singapore Tourism Board) has, in essence, shown a clear timeline and target : it sets Singapore as an example to the rest of the world’s hospitality outlets. Encouraging patrons and guests to align behaviour and habits for a better and greener future. One of the […]

Drink Business Class with Swisspro!

The world’s biggest and most urgent challenge is climate change with an incomparable extent. Its effects can be seen all over the world, with areas like Europe and America seeing soaring temperatures in the summer. And besides the use of fossil energy, one of the biggest issues affecting the climate crisis is human waste: whether […]

Why Piped-in Dispensers are the Top Choice for Offices?

Keeping your employees hydrated (and in turn, keeping them healthy and productive) during the workday is a simple but necessary aspect of employee welfare! And that is the reason why having a steady supply and accessible source of drinking water is essential in offices of any size! That is where water dispensers come in! Wondering […]

Response to CNA News

As a manufacturer of premium water systems, we are happy to receive coverage from CNA. It mostly reflects our point of view, solutions and technology. And it helps to distinguish inferior quality products and services from professional standards. Taste: Non-neutral water taste can be a result of chemical- (eg. chlorine, pesticides) and/or microbiological contamination. Swisspro […]

Best Water Filters For Your Home

Best Water Filters For Your Home Tap water in Singapore is relatively safe, however we can never rule out the chance of contaminants present in the water. From chlorine residue to rust, there are many quality factors that are not within our control. To protect your family from potentially harmful contaminants, or to simply improve […]

Is It Necessary To Buy And Install A Water Purifier In Singapore?

Living in one of the cleanest cities in the world and given Singapore’s strict standards to water hygiene, buying and installing a water purifier at home may seem superfluous. After all, the water supplied is safe to drink, why spend extra money on a water purifier? However, you may be surprised to know that contaminants […]

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

It may hardly be a consideration when purchasing a water filtration system or dispenser: while some focus their purchasing decision purely by the outlook and functionality of the product, while only a meticulous few focus on reading the labels on the filters itself. Filters come in different shapes and sizes, and each may serve a […]

TOP 3 Criteria a SAFE Water Filtration must have

  TOP 3 Criteria a SAFE Water Filtration must have 1. Performance Against Chemicals & Heavy Metals Most filtrations in the market boast chemical removal using activated carbon as an adsorption media.  However, few realise that there are different grades of activated carbon and carbon filtration types that determine its performance: E.g. Purity and source […]

The TOP 3 Features that truly define the quality of a Water Dispenser

  What do you first look out for when buying a water dispenser? Is it the appearance of the system? Multiple Functionalities? Where it is made from? Unknown to most, much of the actual important features are on the inside of the system.   No. 1: Tank Storage – Dispensing Method The ‘Gravity Tank’ method: […]