Why choose Swisspro’s SUPERSWISS filtration?

Whenever customers ask us about what is special and unique about the Swisspro SuperSwiss filter element, we tend to respond with lots of technical and scientific  advantages. Starting with the unique 0.2 micron silver incorporated ceramic, through the highest bacteria reduction to the world renowned NSF certificate. But is this what you really want to […]

What is Credibility?

The expression CREDIBILITY involves many unmeasurable and yet very tangible criteria. While we can’t size it in kilograms, centimeters or degrees, we still are able to label a person, a product, brand or organization for its credibility. How best to describe it? Wouldn’t values such as trustworthiness, reliability or integrity come to our minds? Probably […]

The Evolution of Drinking Water – From Hygiene to Personalization

Introduction Water, the elixir of life, has played an essential role in human existence since time immemorial. While the fundamental need for drinking water remains unchanged, the methods and purposes of water consumption have evolved significantly throughout history. Let us embark on a journey through time to explore the evolution of drinking water, from its […]