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The 5 Benefits of Ceramic Filter

“Swisspro’s Ceramic filter is chemical-free, offers numerous benefits and money-saving advantages in the long run.”


With a myriad of water filtration types available in the market, it is almost impossible to decide on one without research and some understanding of the different filtration technologies available.

Many claim to produce the safest water using various types of membranes such as Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration & Reverse Osmosis, but have you heard of Ceramic Filtration?

Ceramic is one of the most natural forms of water filtration that efficiently provide clean, bacteria free drinking water. The tiny pores of ceramic make it extremely efficient at removing harmful contaminants and bacteria, leaving the beneficial minerals and electrolytes in the water supply.

Swisspro chooses ceramic over other types of membrane filter. This is because a quality ceramic filter not only effective at removing unwanted contaminants, it addresses the following issues:

1. Friendly to environment – unlike membranes that use artificial material, it is made from naturally occurring raw materials, which are easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner. It is highly biodegradable and helps to keep the Earth clean and free of growing landfills.

2. Durable and value for money – unlike other filters that need replacement every year, Swisspro Ceramic Filter is cleanable and reusable for up to 5 years or 50’000 liters.

3. Prevent bacteria recontamination – the Katadyn silver incorporated in the ceramic releases small quantities of positively charged ions to destroy microorganisms, inhibit enzyme growth, kill bacteria and prevent recontamination. It guards the filter against bacteria growth whenever there is a chance that the water trapped in the outlet tap is re-contaminated.

4. Retain essential minerals – Its pore size is small enough to remove all bacteria & protozoa that may be found in tap water, but yet large enough to allow the essential minerals that are beneficial to our bodies to pass through.

5. Natural Tasting Water – Unlike membranes that strip the water of minerals that give water that natural taste, ceramic treated water retains that sweet natural taste that people love.

Swisspro’s Ceramic filter is chemical-free, offers numerous benefits and money-saving advantages in the long run. While purchasing a water filtration system, make sure you look into the filter elements and the capacity of each filter. Variable quality control could lead to low quality product and result in recontamination of water.

If you have more questions regarding ceramic filters, call us at 6276 1005.

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